Roland D70 LCD Display Upgrade

Next one in line to receive the much deserved LCD display upgrade is my Roland D70. As with most others I’ve previously overhauled, this synth has the ‘standard’ 240×64 dot-matrix graphics LCD black-on-green display with EL-foil, which ofcourse is failing after being 25+ years of age.

The new display is pin-compatible with the orignal display. Even the font select pin is already pulled up to Vdd, which mostly is not the case 🙂 The contrast control circuit provides large enough range for the new display. The flatcables may be resoldered to the new display.

Care must be taken to desolder the flatcable from the original display, as the metal wires break easily. I ended up having to cut and strip a a small piece of both flatcables.



As the new display is somewhat thicker, it will push the window rather far out when mounted in the original way. A solution is to mount the display ‘behind’ the mounts, see below picture. I added a few plastic washers to rise the mount off the PCB a little bit, else the LCD unit would be very close to the the larger PCB.img_20160918_153954

As the space between the LCD and PCB is still very tight, I covered the back of the LCD unit with electrical tape so nothing will short out if the boards touch each other.


Don’t forget to peel of the protective sheet!

et voila!



9 thoughts on “Roland D70 LCD Display Upgrade

  1. It’s not as easy as you say, there’s a lot of pictures and information needed to put a new display on! I try with my D 70 and now I have a board nor working
    The instrument must be disassembled almost completely to reach the display. The flat cable have to be take over from the old Display. Furthermore, minor modifications to the electronics and the power supply are required. This work is to be done only by technically, best electrotechnically savvy people.

  2. The Roland G800 display is the same resolution and size. Can it be replaced using the same steps or are additional modifications needed?

  3. Hello
    I tried to replace the screen too but the backlight does not work! could you add a photo with exact links?
    thanks and merry christmas!

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